Time Oddity – Guitar Pedal Knob Automation

This is a guitar delay effect circuit controlled by an Arduino using the output of a digital potentiometer. This automates the ability to get the interesting time based delay effects that you get when turning the Delay knob on a delay effect while playing audio through the pedal.

The three bottom knobs on right are the standard 3 delay pedal knobs: FX Level, Repeat, and Delay.

The Arduino controls are on the left with two buttons controlling which wave is being output, Saw or Ramp, the knob on the middle left is the Speed of the waveform, and the lower left knobs control the Low and High limits of the waveform.

The output of the guitar pedal circuit is connected to an amp circuit driving the speaker, the volume of which is controlled by the top right knob.

The box is laser cut out of acrylic.

This project was built for the UW HCDE 539 Physical Prototyping class.