Time Oddity – Guitar Pedal Knob Automation

This is a guitar delay effect circuit controlled by an Arduino using the output of a digital potentiometer. This automates the

Word Wall – Photos From The Compound Cafe

Photos from a fundraiser event that benefitted the Word Wall. First time in public, though in an unfinished state.

Word Wall Upper Half Wired!

Photos of the Word Wall lit up. The LED strips are working in the full upper half!

Word Wall and Ian Page-Echols at The Compound Cafe

This Sunday: art brunch supporting my Word Wall project!

Word Wall!

I got a grant from Ignition Northwest to help me put together an interactive electronic art project I've had in my head.

Minime Controller

Minime is a prototype controller built to control synthesizers and my custom visuals software.

Soundlab Mini Synth Build Time Lapse

Soldering the electronics for my Soundlab Mini Synth

Minime Electronics Time Lapse

Time lapse of putting together the electronics for the Monome

Sansui VX-99 Modification

Initial inspection and modifications of a Sansui VX-99 (NTSC) video mixer. Lots of additional controls hidden inside!

Prophet64 Through Minimoog

This track was created using a modern Commodore 64 cartridge called Prophet64 playing through my MiniMoog.

Little Smart Visuals Fun

I made a toy into something useful for visuals performances. It now has a functional USB keyboard and LCD panel!

AVERe (Robot Costume Helmet)

For Halloween of 2004, I finally went ahead and made a robot costume with a helmet and silver Adidas track suit.