2017 3d Imagery

A few images created while working in 3d software this year. Red Glitch, Long White Cubes, and Stairways.

Needy Pets – Fall 2017 Seattle VR Hackathon ARKit Project

I designed and built the 2d interface screens for an ARKit iOS game this past weekend for the Fall 2017 Seattle VR Hackathon!

Architectural Collaboration Project at Seattle VR Hackathon

BIMVAR is an architectural collaboration tool for VR created using Unity, the HTC Vive, and Amazon Alexa

Business Cards and Business Card Case

New business cards along with a newly made business card case.

Manual Voltage Generator 2

The encoders and jacks arrived for the synthesizer module I'm working on.

Manual Voltage Generator

Designing a Eurorack synthesizer module: phone keypad with a dial to save and play back 12 saved pitches (voltages)

Couch Cubes

Furniture module that can be used as a coffee table, an ottoman, or joined together with multiple units to be part of a couch

BM 2015 Proposal Laser Cut Wood Model

Imagery for a potential group Burning Man proposal.

Korg Volca Beats Box

A box I made to transport my Korg Volca Beats drum machine in my bag.

Mother May I – NYC Progress 2

Progress update for Mother May I with Kate Vrijmoet at BWAC Brooklyn, NYC

Mother May I – NYC Progress 1

This is an after the fact progress update on the Mother May I project that I did with Kate Vrijmoet a couple weeks ago

Art Opening in Brooklyn – Interactive Piece with Kate Vrijmoet, Called “Mother May I”

I've been working in NYC on an interactive art piece with Kate Vrijmoet called "Mother May I".