Seattle VR Hackathon 2017 – Best Use of Audio!

Optopoculus Max is a virtual reality audio creation & interaction app that was created during the April 2017 Seattle VR Hackat

NFD 5800 Drone Water

Drone audio with water footage from a fire road in Washington. Casio SA-5 Low F to Moog MF-102 Ring Mod Drive to Conn Multi-Vi

Architectural Collaboration Project at Seattle VR Hackathon

I participated in the 2016 Seattle VR Hackathon. I found a group of 6 other people who were interested in building an architec

BIMVAR at the 2016 Seattle VR Hackathon panoramic photo

This is a panoramic photo that someone shot of our BIMVAR team during the 2016 Seattle VR Hackathon. You can view this using p

Business Cards and Business Card Case

I've been going to a lot of meet and greet types of events lately for UX Design and Virtual Reality and created some new busin

More Analog Visuals Hardware

I'm trying out some rack mounted RCA patchbays in order to be able to more easily patch everything together. The RCA jacks for

Analog Visuals Hardware

I took some of my video hardware over to the Monster Planet show at ReBar July 18th. This is a short rundown of what I brought

Analog Animated GIFs

West Seattle panorama (Deep Dream version)

This is a 360 degree panoramic photo of West Seattle that has been run through Google's Deep Dream algorithm.

Jack Block Park panorama

Lincoln Park and Woodland Park Rose Garden Panoramas

I've been shooting some panoramic photos lately and viewing them with one of the Google Cardboard VR "devices".

Eagle Kayak

Sped up video of kayaking on Green Lake in Seattle. An eagle swooped down three times and caught a fish on the third attempt.