Ian Page-Echols – Loop on Bandcamp!

Loop by Ian Page-Echols

Time Oddity – Guitar Pedal Knob Automation

This is a guitar delay effect circuit controlled by an Arduino using the output of a digital potentiometer. This automates the

Analog Visuals 20181114

Analog video footage created using video feedback using devices like video mixers and enhancers.

Analog Visuals 20181112

Analog visuals created using video and mixer feedback and a bit of 3trinsrgb+1c with iVCS3 and Moogerfooger drone audio

2018 Seattle VR Hackathon

2018 Seattle VR Hackathon: I worked on an AR project to show speech bubbles to the hearing impaired.

Machine Learning as a Video Filter

Attempts at using machine learning algorithms for the purpose of video filtering

Fall 2017 Photos

Fall color photos mostly from the Seattle Japanese Garden and the Kubota Garden

2017 3d Imagery

A few images created while working in 3d software this year. Red Glitch, Long White Cubes, and Stairways.

Slit Scan Images

This is a series of varied images created using slit-scan processing to create a "time lapse image".

More Fall 2017 Photos

More fall color photos mostly from the Washington Park Arboretum and the Kubota Garden

Needy Pets – Fall 2017 Seattle VR Hackathon ARKit Project

I designed and built the 2d interface screens for an ARKit iOS game this past weekend for the Fall 2017 Seattle VR Hackathon!

Seattle Haze

The forest fires during 2017 made for some amazing volumetric lighting at night even as far away as in Seattle.