Rainbow Drone 001a

Drone audio and video from the 3Trins, Moogerfooger chorus, filter, ring mod and delay, video mixers and diy video modules and

NFD 5800 Drone Water

Drone audio with water footage from a fire road in Washington. Casio SA-5 Low F to Moog MF-102 Ring Mod Drive to Conn Multi-Vi

Architectural Collaboration Project at Seattle VR Hackathon

I participated in the 2016 Seattle VR Hackathon. I found a group of 6 other people who were interested in building an architec

Analog Animated GIFs

Eagle Kayak

Sped up video of kayaking on Green Lake in Seattle. An eagle swooped down three times and caught a fish on the third attempt.

Moogerfooger CV Demo: MF-101 Filter & MF-104Z Analog Delay

I've seen many demos of single Moogerfooger pedals by themselves. They're great that way, they often allow more extreme effect

Midivox Lapse

Multiple cameras aimed at soldering together the Midivox Arduino shield. I don't think that this is sold any longer. It was an

Green Lake Kayaking

I've been doing some kayaking at Green Lake. Initially even this fairly stable boat (Epic V8 surf ski) felt quite tippy, but I

Beach Drive Waves

There was a storm in Seattle in 2013, and this was some footage of the calmer waves at the end of the storm. (Along with some

Seattle Night Hyperlapse

Seattle Time Lapses (from 2006)

Time lapses taken in the street in downtown Seattle. I got a few strange looks from cops slowing down when they drove by.

Fremont Time Lapse

Ducks, people, and boats going by down by the water in Fremont.