Experimental Analog Videos with Telephone Audio

This is a clip I made for a VR exploration project I was doing, to see what these would look like being made into a space, and

Analog Visuals 20181114

Analog video footage created using video feedback using devices like video mixers and enhancers.

Analog Visuals 20181112

Analog visuals created using video and mixer feedback and a bit of 3trinsrgb+1c with iVCS3 and Moogerfooger drone audio

Machine Learning as a Video Filter

Attempts at using machine learning algorithms for the purpose of video filtering

Rainbow Drone 001a

Drone audio and video from the 3Trins, Moogerfooger effects, video mixers, diy video modules and mods to video circuits

May Analog Visuals

Analog visuals footage created mostly using feedback between cheap video hardware devices.

NFD 5800 Drone Water

Drone audio with water footage from a fire road in Washington. Casio SA-5, Ring Mod, Conn Multi-Vider, Lowpass, Analog Delay

Architectural Collaboration Project at Seattle VR Hackathon

BIMVAR is an architectural collaboration tool for VR created using Unity, the HTC Vive, and Amazon Alexa

Analog Animated GIFs

Eagle Kayak

Sped up video of kayaking on Green Lake in Seattle. An eagle swooped down three times and caught a fish on the third attempt.

Moogerfooger Pedal Combo: Filter & Delay

Moogerfooger Pedal CV Combination: MF-101 Filter & MF-104Z Analog Delay

Midivox Lapse

Soldering together the Midivox Arduino shield, a MIDI-controlled Arduino-powered synthesizer