Ian Page-Echols:
User Experience & Interaction Designer
for Physical & Digital Interfaces & Virtual Reality Environments

I am currently seeking a UX Designer or Interaction Designer position in the Seattle area and would love to talk about how I would fit into your organization.

I recently received a User-Centered Design Certificate from the University of Washington’s Human Centered Design and Engineering department where I gained complementary User Experience knowledge to add to my education and experience at the intersection of design and technology. I’ve been interested in design since childhood, and have been working in design since I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a Bachelors degree in Environmental Design. My design experience ranges from working at Digital Creators on web design, multimedia, and interactive projects to creating collaborative art installations with Seattle artists today. I have also founded and run a thriving Mac tech support business for the past 10 years.

I love diving into a task or problem with a team and working together to develop an elegant design solution. Fit and finish in both physical and virtual environments are very important to me. I am always watching how people interact with objects and interfaces and thinking about the ways a design could be improved to reduce friction in an interaction and novel ways tasks could be accomplished.

I am currently focusing on ways that UX Design can inform virtual reality. I am interested in exploring the types of experiences and interactions that will become possible with this and other emerging technologies. I participated in a Seattle VR Hackathon and built an architectural visualization and collaboration tool with 7 other people. It has been deeply rewarding to see people realize while trying out our demo that virtual reality will not only be used for games.