Ian Page-Echols Analog Visuals

Analog Visuals

This is some recent footage from some of my many old analog video devices. This was mostly created using video feedback and glitching back and forth between about three video mixers and some simpler devices like sync boxes and things like signal booster circuits. No computers were involved in the creation of the individual clips.

The audio track is all multitracked Minimoog Model D with reverb and tape delay plugins.

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La Isleta del Moro Between Rocks

Cabo de Gata Vistas

There are some great views to be had in Southern Spain. These are just few from driving around in the mountains and plains and walking around at Cabo de Gata.

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Agave & Clouds

Cabo de Gata Plants

Agave, cactus and other succulents are some of my favorite plants and there were a lot to be seen.

Spain also had plants I was not familiar with. One being a plant that branched off at fairly regular angles. The effect of looking into one of these hardy bushes was of seeing lots of hexagons. A unique and interesting look for a plant.

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Ronda Cliffs & Buildings


Photos from Ronda in Spain. Some parts of the cliffs in Ronda around around 2,500′ tall. Standing at a railing with houses right underneath you it seemed extremely high up. Vertigo-inducing even.

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Birds of Prey

We saw more birds of prey than we were used to while we were traveling around Southeast Spain. Some large hawks, some eagles, and also some large vultures. We didn’t see to many of these up close, most were riding updrafts around the mountains, circling for hours.

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2013 Cooper Holiday Art Fair

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