OLPC XOs at the East African Center Fundraiser, June 6

My girlfriend applied and was accepted for one of the OLPC Africa grants that is happening this summer.

The broad information is that OLPC Africa gave grants of 100 laptops and $10,000 to 30 teams of students and non government organizations (NGOs). The teams will have a very short amount of time to prepare, as some people are leaving around June 4th to go to a training in Rwanda.

The NGO that B is associated with is called the East African Center. They are having a fundraiser June 6th downtown. B and I will be there with a few XO laptops for people to play with and will be talking about the laptops and the project.

The village of Takaungu makes some great clothing, bags, and other assorted textiles that will also be available for sale. You could ostensibly finish your Christmas shopping very early and help out a worthwhile cause!

Thanks, and hope to see some of you there, Ian

Blog post announcing the grant to the EAC:
(great pictures and information about the village and school from here)

OLPC XOs top case

OLPC XOs screens

OLPC Cake on Stand

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