Korg Volca Beats Box

Volca Box top, front right angle

A box I made to transport my Korg Volca Beats drum machine in my bag. I was worrying about breaking off the little knobs, so made a box to protect it.

I realized when measuring the unit that there were two knobs on the left that were quite a bit taller than the rest of them. What I ended up doing was making the main part of the box be sized for all of the smaller knobs, and then creating this opening for the taller knobs.

Volca Box front opening

I made bees wax polish for it by melting down straight bees wax and mixing it with olive oil. (3 parts olive oil to 1 part bees wax)

I am working on a lining made of green wool felt that comes out of the top of the box and protects the large knobs, as well as buttons shut to make sure that the beats don’t drop.

Volca box rear hole

Volca Box top, rear angle

Volca Box top rear angle