I shot a bunch of pictures of one of the cooler cars out there, one which I think holds a lot of historic significance, a GM EV1 (though they would possibly rather none exist in any capacity). They let a few universities get a hold of some to use as test platforms and will only let them run in hybrid orientations, apparently.

This car is mostly functional, and will get some sort of small motorcycle engine tucked in that will kick in on the highway to be able to cruise indefinitely (well, with enough gas that is).

Quite a crowd came out in freezing weather to see this car. It felt like we were having to clandestinely see the car in an alley.








I don’t know which university this is below, but it feels a bit crazy to be hacking apart 1 of about 40 vehicles in existence. The youtube post says that they have theirs running as a turbojet/electric hybrid.