Word Wall Box With Buttons and Bolts

Some photos of the progress on the Word Wall.

Word Wall Progress Video

Drilling & tapping the waterjet cut front panels, cutting and drilling the buttons (which will lie beneath the cut letters), a

Word Wall Buttons & Lights

Testing out variations of the LED lighting strips to see how close together they should be to get good color and fill.

Word Wall Buttons

The button plates for the Word Wall.

Word Wall Panels!

This is the aluminum fresh from the waterjet company. Looks amazing!

Word Wall Almost

Update on my progress with the design of the Word Wall.

Word Wall Progress

Progress has been made! Since last time, I have done quite a bit on my Word Wall project (

Word Wall!

I recently got a grant from Ignition Northwest to help me put together a project I've had in my head for a few years. I'm call

Interactive Audio for Kate Vrijmoet

I've been working on some interactive audio triggering for Kate Vrijmoet, an artist with a gallery in Seattle's Tashiro Kaplan

Burning Man 2005: Michael Yates’ (aka Phyxx) Sculpture Garden

In the midst of the open spaces of the desert was a pile of materials put out for the purpose of art. People would wander by,

Giclee Art Prints

I’ve got 15 photos ready for an art show. No specific art show in mind yet, but I have the prints. There are five sets o

3 Different Foldy Things

Here's a few foldy things for you. Steps: Print, cut, fold, glue, enjoy. Even when printed as large as possible on 8 1/2 x