Interactive Audio for Kate Vrijmoet

Motion in Quadrants for Kate Vrijmoet
Motion in Quadrants

I’ve been working on some interactive audio triggering for Kate Vrijmoet, an artist with a gallery in Seattle’s Tashiro Kaplan building. If you’re in the area come and see/hear how the piece turned out.

This is a screenshot of my side of things. In practice, the top left quadrants will be filled with video from a camera with a wide angle lens hanging above the space. The four larger rectangles in the center will show when computation is being done with input from the video. If that sounds vague, you’ll have to come check it out in person this Thursday!

(I promise I’ll take a more useful screenshot on Thursday, and some video of people interacting with the space as well.)

Here’s the information from Kate herself:

Mother, may I…? is an interactive sound installation by Kate Vrijmoet. It focuses on issues of permission and boundary violation, and requires visitors to provoke, with every footfall, a torrent of harshly whispered questions, merely for entering the room. Visitors may try to discern the origin of the whispers, which arise from a source not easily located. There is a way for visitors to stop the whispering, but it will take them a very long time to work it out.

Visitors who have personal issues with being talked about, in a hissing way, or with being sharply admonished for doing nothing very bad, should probably stay out.

Visitors able to set those issues aside for a time will explore such questions as: What happens when the rules aren’t immediately apparent? What, and where, is the art? And, do you helplessly violate boundaries, somewhere, with every breath you take?


Thursday, February 3, 2011
Tashiro Kaplan Building #107
Kate Vrijmoet Artist’s Studio
306 S. Washington Street
Seattle, WA 98103

Technical support provided by Ian Page-Echols
Audio support provided by David Guillbert
Art fabrication by Thomas York

Valerie Collymore
Ingrid Lahti
Barbera Noonan
Carla Panescu-Reich
Ed Skoog
John Vrijmoet
Kate Vrijmoet
Thomas York

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