Word Wall Almost

I almost made a grave newbie error with the font sizing. It turns out the original photos I took of me pressing my lcd display were showing at “actual size” and they were maybe 100 or even 150 dpi. I just printed another test to make sure the buttons would still work, since I had made them a bit smaller than that original test and the words were too small to comfortably press. Most people would have to squeeze their fingers in to press the buttons.

So, I had to make the font quite a bit larger in order to make the buttons pressable again. This completely changes the look. It’s now much more word heavy. But I’m ok with that. It’s very much a Word Wall now, as the words are more prominent than they were compared to the panel.

You’ll notice that there is a seam in the center. I added this so that the wall will now be made up of two sections. The full object was going to weight in at around 200 lbs and be 6′ x 6′. Making it that way would just be asking for trouble. So now it’s two sections, each around 100 lbs and 6′ x 3′. A bonus to this (that I really like) is that I can now set the halves next to each other as well, making a 12′ x 3′ wall. This might make the project fit into different venues.

Now I just have to add the holes for every word and I can send in the file.

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