RjDj Echelon + Korg DS-10 + Apple Motion Experiment

This is a weird little conglom made using various pieces of software. The main audio was created on the fly using the Korg DS-10 software for the Nintendo DS. This was transmogrified using the RjDj app for the iPhone and the Echelon patch. A small amount of leveling was done on the file in Sound Studio, a simple audio program on Mac OS X. The resulting audio file was dropped into Apple’s Motion program.

The video clips are all of my creation, I use some of these files when I am doing live visuals. I tend to use Motion sort of similarly to the way I do visuals. I blend multiple layers of video and fade clips in and out while trying to have the video go with the audio. I can’t work fully live in Motion (at least with the machine I have it running on), but since it can loop segments or the whole project, I get a pretty good idea of what the end result will feel like.

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