Rainbow Drone 001a

Drone audio and video from the 3Trins, Moogerfooger chorus, filter, ring mod and delay, video mixers and diy video modules and

More Analog Visuals Hardware

I'm trying out some rack mounted RCA patchbays in order to be able to more easily patch everything together. The RCA jacks for

Analog Visuals Hardware

I took some of my video hardware over to the Monster Planet show at ReBar July 18th. This is a short rundown of what I brought

Analog Visuals

This is some recent footage from some of my many old analog video devices. This was mostly created using video feedback and gl

Visuals Tonight for Design in Public Kickoff at Western Bridge

I'm doing visuals tonight for a kickoff event for a new organization called Design in Public. It's goal is to promote the role

db2010 D25 Showcase Videos

Video of my last gig doing visuals for Carl Craig at Decibel Festival 2010! I shot almost all of the footage for this show dur

Video: Track 3 Eno-ish (Apr 23, 2005) Now with better video!

Found more old footage. This looks like it was the same material I posted in a previous post back when I was using Google Vide

Seattle’s Decibel Festival 2010! (Sep 22-26)

I will be doing visuals again for Seattle's Decibel Festival! There are a lot of great artists this year, and I think I am th

Visuals: Seattle Cargo Loaders (Aug 28, 2005)

I just tracked down a couple old clips of visuals that I did quite a while ago. This one used footage I shot of the great car

Visuals: TV Bowling (Aug 28, 2005)

I just tracked down a couple old clips of visuals that I did quite a while ago. This one was using footage from a party in ma

Decibel Festival 2009

I did visuals for a couple acts this past weekend for Seattle's 2009 Decibel Festival. There were some great artists playing,

Easy Street with Specs One, Nth & Ronin, and LoFreq

I am doing visuals for a show up the hill at Easy Street Records. I'm still working on recreating my software and interaction