Seattle VR Hackathon 2017 – Best Use of Sound!

Optopoculus Max is a virtual reality audio creation & interaction app created at the Spring 2017 Seattle VR Hackathon


Music created using Korg's great iPad app, iMS-20.

Loop 2

A little track done in Nanoloop for iPhone and Tape Echo in Logic.

Loop 1

A track created in Nanoloop for iPhone with added Tape Echo in Logic.

Video: Track 3 Eno-ish (Apr 23, 2005) Now with better video!

Found more old footage. This looks like it was the same material I posted in a previous post back when I was using Google Vide

Seattle’s Decibel Festival 2010! (Sep 22-26)

I will be doing visuals again for Seattle's Decibel Festival! There are a lot of great artists this year, and I think I am th

Honk Fest 2010

Testing out a new camera, the Canon T2i, as well as trying out the Velvia picture style.

Easy Street with Specs One, Nth & Ronin, and LoFreq

I am doing visuals for a show up the hill at Easy Street Records. I'm still working on recreating my software and interaction

The A/V Room

The A/V room is an audiovisual event featuring both prepared short films and live audio and video performance by emerging arti

Decibel Festival 2006

Come watch and listen at Chop Suey. Yuba Foxfire and myself will be providing visual embellishment for the bands at this venue

Prophet64 Through Minimoog

This track was created using a modern Commodore 64 cartridge called Prophet64 playing through my MiniMoog.

Brushed Golden

Fourthcity, the world-renowned think tank behind innovations like Laptop Battle, Poster Midget, StopBiting, the Keg-Stand-Mand