Daedelus, Deceptikon, and Variform (May 20, 2005)

This Friday, May 20th, at CHAC Lower Level (1621 12th Ave. Seattle)

Substudios, StaticFactory, and Autonomat present:

Ninja Tune, Mush, Hefty, and Plug Research recording artist DAEDELUS!!

Merck recording artist DECEPTIKON!

and local fave VARIFORM!

visuals by V8 Media

9:30pm-2am 21+ $7


Daedelus, the eccentric electronic maestro from southern California returns with “Exquisite Corpse”, his most complete and baffling record to date. One of LA’s most daring new artists, this young musical romantic weaves together a true “love-sound” that falls between honeyed melody and avant-electronics. Daedelus chops and splices disparate acoustic sources into incredible works of staggering resonance. Contrasting IDM styled cut-ups with childlike arrangements from the 30’s and 40’s, he has created a sound that is entirely new.

His productions find the hidden common denominator between modern electronics and sampled music from days gone by. Exactly the kind of music you’d expect from a scarily well-connected electronic nut who happens to dress in Edwardian clothing and names himself after an ancient Greek myth legend.


Portland based producer Deceptikon creates music that is evocative and atmospheric, equally drawing upon hip hop and jazz elements for his gorgeously produced, carefully crafted grooves. Utilising numerous techniques, yet regularly arriving at a similar funky location, Deceptikon effortlessly creates the kind of highly composed beat oriented instrumental hip hop pieces championed in recent times by Ninja Tune via the likes of Sixtoo or Blockhead. Composed over the last few years, his latest album “Lost Subject” is a journey that fits perfectly into the lounge room – funky basslines, crackling hip hop beats and lush, gentle atmospheres that act as a relaxing tonic to all the stressors of daily life.
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Seattle artist Peter Schott, aka Variform, views music as a very important and personal learning tool for self-awareness…”like a mirror into the soul”, as he puts it. His music is highly emotional and reflects his many diverse influences, including amongst them artists such as Aphex Twin, DJ Shadow, and Future Sound Of London. His track “Dusty Room” was one of the standouts on last years highly acclaimed Fourthcity compilation.
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Greg Jaspan, DJ

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