Decibel Festival 2006

This year I will be one of the visual army of the Decibel Festival (dbFestival)

Come watch and listen at Chop Suey. Yuba Foxfire and myself will be providing visual embellishment for the bands at this venue who come without visuals of their own. The dbFestival schedule is being finalized as this is written.

Decibel Festival Info

Current Lineup for 2006:
Speedy J (Netherlands)
Green Velvet (Chicago)
Alex Smoke (U.K.)
Bola (U.K.)
Thomas Fehlmann: Dub Set (Germany)
Murcof (Mexico)
The Dead Texan (Belgium)
Nortec Collective (Mexico)
Telefon Tel Aviv (Chicago)
Apparat (Germany)
Ryoichi Kurokawa (Japan)
Taylor Deupree (New York)
Richard Chartier (Washington D.C.)
Subtle (San Francisco)
Andreas Tilliander (Sweden)
Fax (Mexico)
Jeremy Ellis (Detroit)
Mokira (Sweden)
Claude Vonstroke (San Francisco)
Panoptica (Mexico)
[a]pendics.shuffle (Los Angeles)
Kate Simko (Chicago)
Deru (Los Angeles(
Jacob London: Debut Live Set(Seattle)
Brett Johnson (U.S.)
Latinsizer (Mexico)
Tim Xavier (New York)
Soultek (Chicago)
Plankton Man (Los Angeles)
Lusine (Seattle)
Davide Squillace (Spain)
Jerry Abstract (Seattle)
Mr. Projectile (San Francisco)
Son Of Rose (Seattle)
Camea and Insideout(New York)
Let’s Go Outside (Portland)
Jon McMillion (Seattle)
Robin Judge (Vancouver)
Mister Leisrure (Seattle)
Yann Novak (Seattle)
Senior Frio (Portland)
Randy Jones (Seattle)
Ben Nilstein (Portland)
Paul Edwards (Seattle)
SciFiSol (Seattle)
Ruoho Ruotsi (San Francisco)
Nordic Soul (Seattle)
Plan B (Seattle)
Sun Tzu Sound (Seattle)
Kinoko (Seattle)
GreenStar (Portland)
Kris Moon (Seattle)
Foscil (Seattle)

Some very nice stuff, definitely check it out!!


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