Needy Pets – Fall 2017 Seattle VR Hackathon ARKit Project

Loading screen of the Needy Pets ARKit game designed and built during the Fall Seattle VR Hackathon

I designed and built the 2d interface screens for an ARKit iOS game this past weekend for the Fall 2017 Seattle VR Hackathon! Lots of learning and cramming. We wanted to keep the game simple enough for one weekend of ironing out the concept, design and programming while getting something interesting out of the experience. The game is targeted at younger children in the Angry Birds or Pokemon Go range.

We’ve changed the tutorial concept since these graphics were created. We now will have the tutorial happen as you play instead of by making the users have to click through multiple screens before getting into the experience.

I’ve been making experiences for VR for a while now, so it’s been interesting going back to having to multiple compile steps before being able to see a change again, once in Unity, and then again in Apple’s XCode. When creating VR with Unity for the Vive, you can often just click play and put on the headset. It’s extremely nice to get this instant feedback on each and every change you make.

Tutorial screen of the Needy Pets ARKit game

Success/final screen of the Needy Pets ARKit game