Video Feedback

Video feedback from the combination of a bevy of hardware video devices.

Cascadia Live Feed Show

at Grand Illusion Cinema Films: Gail Noonan More Sensitive Sean Arden The Red Box, Empty Head Heidi Na

Brushed Golden

Fourthcity, the world-renowned think tank behind innovations like Laptop Battle, Poster Midget, StopBiting, the Keg-Stand-Mand

Beehive New Years at Tost 2005

Beehive New Years at Tost 2005 (513 N 36th Street) Beehive Henry Bee Noone DJ Greg J of KEXP Doors open at 9pm

Fourthcity UltraFunk

Friday, July 2nd 8pm to 10pm all ages /10pm to 2am 21+ EN Resturaunt on the corner of 2nd & Wall 2429 Second Avenue 206.77

CHAC Lower Level

(1621 12th Ave. Seattle) Substudios, StaticFactory, and Autonomat present: Ninja Tune, Mush, Hefty, and Plug Research recordin

Kim Hiorthoy, Mercir, Foscil, Talk Demonic (May 26, 2005)

Chop Suey and Sensory Effect Present Making his first US Appearance . . . KIM HIORTHOY (from Norway) MERCIR Foscil Talk Demoni

Fourthcity at Lo Fi

2005.05.19 at Lofi Performance Gallery (429 Eastlake Ave, Seattle)

The Mach12e: Rise of the Machine

A fundraiser for THE MACHINE, one of the most technical and interactive sculptures to ever hit the playa! This multi-storied m

AVERe (Robot Costume Helmet)

For Halloween of 2004, I finally went ahead and made a robot costume with a helmet and silver Adidas track suit.

eVoting Booth

Don't belittle your vote. Electronic voting is an important issue in this country. This project is a comment on some of the

Mobile Media

V8 Media raises awareness of important events happening in our world. V8 Media seeks footage of important world events, focusi