Korg DS-10 Patch 01

Just got the Korg DS-10 cartridge for the Nintendo DS, and it’s great! This is a simple little modulish patch, somewhat like a modular synthesizer patch.

Black and Blurry Nintendo DS 3

Black and Blurry Nintendo DS 5

Black and Blurry Nintendo DS 2

4 thoughts on “Korg DS-10 Patch 01

  1. Ian Page-Echols

    I just finally checked out your site. I’ll have to listen through the rest of the patches, but I like what I am hearing!

    I was planning on putting together a bunch of modular patches, but I lost my first DS right after the above post. That didn’t help too much.

    1. Ian Page-Echols

      Yeah, unfortunately, I’m interested in way too many things, and a decent amount of them require too much money. Right now the main ones are a 1975 Minimoog Synthesizer and the 1956 Chevy Bel Air. At least the 1975 Fender Jazz Bass is holding up well. The interest in DS-10 goes along with the interest in synthesizers, and my want to figure out how to get some of the rhythms and melodies in my head out into something resembling songs.

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