3 Different Foldy Things

Here’s a few foldy things for you.

Steps: Print, cut, fold, glue, enjoy. I think that’s more steps than setting up an iMac.

Even when printed as large as possible on 8 1/2 x 11 paper, these are fairly hard to deal with. Better would be 11 x 17. Bonus: printing on textured paper, or paper with some sort of design or adding a design to your image before printing results in a cool-looking object.

Cut them out using an xacto blade and a cutting mat. If you’re a masochist, you could try scissors. I’d at least suggest surgical scissors, big ‘ol craft scissors will likely drive you batty.

I still haven’t figured out the best glue to use. Wood glue works great if you can figure out a way to hold the pieces of paper together long enough to have the glue dry. Hot glue works, but is messy even when you do it perfectly, and you also have to hold the pieces together while the glue is steaming hot. Potentially painful. I’d almost suggest super glue, but I’ve never had luck with that stuff.

I’m picturing these as hanging objects in my studio apartment. I have a high ceiling that would be nice to fill with a few of these in different colors. If you think about the size of each little face though, even a poster sized print will only give me something like a 1’ object.

Foldy Things - Connected Cones

Foldy Things 2

Foldy Things 5b

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