Flipped Peterbilt Dump Truck

Flipped Peterbilt Dump Truck from Ian Page-Echols on Vimeo.

Footage I shot of a large Peterbilt dump truck that lost it’s brakes on a steep West Seattle hill. I was amazed that the cab and the truck in general didn’t have more damage. Plus, I had always thought that the beds of these trucks wouldn’t have as much strength for weird torques like this. Evidently I was wrong.

Flipped Peterbilt, Vines Removed
Flipped Peterbilt, Vines Removed

Peterbilt truck flipped back on it's wheels
Peterbilt Truck Flipped Back On It’s Wheels

Flipped Peterbilt covered in blackberry vines
Flipped Peterbilt Covered in Blackberry Vines

Peterbilt truck flipped back onto its wheels
Peterbilt Truck Flipped Back Onto It’s Wheels

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