3 Different Foldy Things

Here's a few foldy things for you. Steps: Print, cut, fold, glue, enjoy. Even when printed as large as possible on 8 1/2 x

Youngstown Open House

Youngstown Open House Saturday, December 1st 4-10pm *Free, All Ages (I'm doing visuals along with Jason Pitt's audio fro

Division (Burning Man 2007 Proposal)

Division is the next project by Stronghold Productions. This is a similar group of people to "The Machine Crew"; who created

Cooper Artist Housing Open Studios

Cooper Artist Housing Open Studios & Youngstown Cultural Arts Center Open House November 17th & 18th, 2006 Open Studios:

The A/V Room

This Thursday! Nov. 9 2006, 7-10 PM All ages, only 5$ The A/V Room is an audiovisual event featuring both prepared short f

The A/V Room

The A/V room is an audiovisual event featuring both prepared short films and live audio and video performance by emerging arti

Cascadia Live Feed Show

at Grand Illusion Cinema Films: Gail Noonan More Sensitive Sean Arden The Red Box, Empty Head Heidi Na

The Machine – Ghost in The Machine

For more information go to

The Mach12e: Rise of the Machine

A fundraiser for THE MACHINE, one of the most technical and interactive sculptures to ever hit the playa! This multi-storied m

eVoting Booth

Don't belittle your vote. Electronic voting is an important issue in this country. This project is a comment on some of the

Mobile Media

V8 Media raises awareness of important events happening in our world. V8 Media seeks footage of important world events, focusi