Internet of Things Security

I generally recommend not purchasing “smart” devices. They’re not secure or supported well enough. These devices are often small computers with a full unix-based operating systems that require updates and security fixes for continued use. They could be lights, garage door openers, speakers, or even toys.

This is the third recent security breach of children’s electronics I’ve seen. The previous one ended up letting out the addresses, names and photos of the children. This one has recordings. This problem was caused by security issues with the company’s servers.

There was an update to the original story telling how the stuffed animals themselves can be remotely turned into spy devices:

Be aware when you are buying electronic devices for your home and especially your children that you are thinking about the capabilities these machines have and what that could mean. I’d recommend at least finding out if the device gets updates and how the updates are installed. If you see no mention of updates on the website of a device that is sending or receiving information over the internet, don’t buy it.