EV1 Photo in Yes Magazine!

A pdf of the page with my photo on it.

I’m proud to announce that a photo of mine will be printed in the Spring issue of Yes Magazine! Their focus is on sustainability and positive things that are being done and that can be done. Too much in the media these days is negative, and it’s great to have people putting energy into getting all of the good things their fair share of attention.

I’m happy that my photo will be in the magazine for a couple reasons. One is that the photo is of the EV1. I think this car was a game-changer that GM let go. I really think it should have been mass-produced. I also happy that this is a photo above an article by Sherry Boschert. She has been a long-time voice in the EV world and somewhat recently put out a book called “Plug-in Hybrids, The Cars That Will Change America”. It’s worth a read.

Check out Yes Magazine:

GM EV1 26

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