Seaker iOS App Prototype

Prototype Social Media App Focusing on The Safety of The User
Survey, Competitive Analysis, Interviews, Personas, Interactive Prototype, User Flows

Seaker is a social media app focused on the trust and security of the interactions. We used survey and interview data to direct our design and prototype process on how to best satisfy our users. We went into the project with the idea of making an app that would focus on the security of the interactions of the users and through our research we found that this was much more of a popular idea than we initially thought. Users of social apps almost always seek out groups first when they are first meeting with people that they haven’t met before. An app or service that would allow people to be social and go out to events with new friends in a way that made them actually and mentally feel more safe would likely be quite successful.

We individually interviewed people, and I came up with quite a few useful takeaways from that. We also did market research to see what was out in the world already that might compete with our idea, which gave us ideas on features that were standard across social media apps, but also ideas for what kinds of features we did not see represented. We created user personas (in this case based on our interviewees) and mood boards which gave us further focus.

We sketched out our ideas for potential screens for the app and used this as a basic prototype to help figure out which ideas would work. We then used and Photoshop to create a more detailed prototype.

After this, we created a 64 page design specification document. This listed out what each interactive element would do and where it would link to and which information would be pulled up when using searches.