Couch Cubes

Design, Fabrication

The beginning of a series of modular couch/coffee table pieces. This first piece is the simplest of the series. It’s a sturdy storage unit on wheels that can be used as a coffee table as-is, or as bench seating with the addition of a cushion. The next piece will be convertible. When down, the exterior will look similar to this one, but a seat back will fold out and change the angle of the seating surface. Combining one flat unit with one with back raised makes a comfortable lounge. Three cube or closed units become a guest bed.

I started making these because I needed a new couch and I wasn’t satisfied with what was on the market. I have enjoyed using this piece in my apartment, and I am surprised by how much can be stored in it. With a set of 6, I’ll have a substantial amount of storage space right in the center of the room.