Pacific Northwest Synthfest 2011

Mostly Wiard modular
Mostly Wiard Modular

This is one of the most interesting synthesizer controllers I’ve seen in a while. It’s pretty much a user definable keyboard. Sequencers often have knobs you turn to select which pitch is played when that step in the sequence is triggered. This is the same thing, but instead of steps, it’s 16 buttons that can be tuned with 16 knobs. It would probably be simple and somewhat cheap to make something like this, and it would give some great playability. I could see having multiple sections to a song, and setting a row of these buttons up to play the melody, and other sections would get their own rows as well.

Just wanted to share a few photos from the PNW Synthfest that happened a while back. Honestly, I would have taken more photos, but there were so many modulars, and so many people in the space that it was a bit overwhelming. Don’t think I’ll go to any of the huge music gear shows.

ARP 2600
ARP 2600

EML 400 & 401, filters, CV processors, keyboards, and joysticks
Electrocomp EML Modular Synthesizer (Huge!)

EML modular - Manual voltage generator
EML Manual Voltage Generator

Syntar keytar
Syntar Solo!